Lamour Soaps - Overview

Are you looking for a rich lather, beauty bar soap with a luxurious fragrance? When you pick it up and use any one of our bars and see how its silky lather deep cleans, moisturizes, hydrates, tightens pores and nurtures your skin to give it a youthful glow, you'll ask yourself," . . . how come I never heard of this brand before?"

Lamour soaps highest-quality, luxury beauty bar soaps are posh without being pretentious. They contain only the costliest, purest body safe ingredients including expensive, proprietary, “Magnifiscents©“ fragrances. Their aim is to be America’s gold standard of bar soap excellence.

You'll find Lamour Soaps to be meticulously handcrafted and hand-milled here in the USA. Lamour Soaps are aged making them harder and therefore longer-lasting with more sustainable fabulous, spot-on aroma throws. You will immediately see they are more “finished” than cheaper brands.

Compare the posh quality and affordable prices of Lamour beauty bar soaps to other brands and you will learn why Lamour soaps are outstanding buys even with their unrivaled premium ingredients and quality.

Lamour Soaps was a private label, custom order and local retail sales supplier. Lamour soaps large line and soap varieties are only sold online at

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