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  Lamour soaps is one of the Americas recognized originators of better handcrafted, luxurious unisex products for savvy buyers. Our products include but are not limited to:

  1. BAR SOAPS: Guaranteed to be everything you ever wanted from a beauty bar soap. Hand-milled here in the USA. Lamour bar soaps are harder, more longer-lasting, have longer-lasting sustainable aroma throws and are more “finished” than "wanna be" competitive brands. Highest quality, all-natural formulations contain only pure all-natural expensive proprietary ingredients including posh without being pretentious, "Magnifiscents" spot-on fragrances. These meticulously handcrafted bar soaps gently deep clean, moisturize, nurture and revive dull, tired skin returning it to a youthful soft and silky glowing appearance. For further more complete information go to our store HERE.

  2. SACHETS: Our sachets are guaranteed to be everything you ever wanted a sachet to be. They provide a long-lasting, refreshing fragrance to cupboards, drawers, closets, vehicles, travel bags. They make perfect, thoughtful, caring wedding or event favors, gifts, and stocking stuffer. The ingredients are guaranteed to be a fresh as possible and our various varieties contain either premium, impressively intense organic Lavender buds imported from France,  Red Rose petals imported  from Ecuador or, you can order custom sachets where you choose from  36 proprietary, posh without being pretentious, "Magnifiscents" fragrances. For further more complete information go to our store HERE.

  3. SOAP STONES: We listened to customers who wanted us to develop bar soaps that would replace and outperform those very expensive exfoliating/scrub paste products in tubes, smelled better, and lasted much longer. After much research and formulating we are proud to offer our "Soap Stones". Our original and unique palm shaped premium bar soaps resemble rare collectable rocks and stones but in reality are unrivaled potent, luxurious, long-lasting, creamy exfoliating soap with posh, spot-on fragrances.

These are better than tube paste products or traditionally shaped beauty bar soaps. Soap Stones are double guaranteed to clean soften exfoliate scrub soothe moisturize, and then leave skin with a refreshing silky smooth protective feeling when rinsed off.  Because of all the quality ingredients and its unique original shape, Soap Stones beauty bar soaps are guaranteed to last three times longer than other beauty bar soap or tube paste products – with the same starting weight.

Compare the posh quality and affordable prices of Lamour beauty bar soaps to other brands or paste products and you will learn why Lamour Soaps are outstanding buys even with their unrivaled premium ingredients and quality. For further more complete information go to our store HERE.

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